Native American Celebrations

Around the country, the Indian Nations observe many events.  Most are linked to the Sacred Hoop – the Circle of Life.  These events may be festivals, dances or powwows.

The same as every other people on Earth, American Indians give blessings for crops to grow,  thanks for a fruitful harvest, celebrate weddings, rain, pray, celebrate a boy or girl coming of age, or other life events.

This is a master list, more detailed information is located within the corresponding season, just click on the season to go to the page, or click on the celebration to go directly to the details.

Using the European calendar is somewhat problematic as most celebrations occur as the result of an event or occurrence.   Many dates were adopted as a result of US Government rules against Indian celebrations.  The Indians were, however, allowed to celebrate holidays such as Independence Day (how ironic), thus there are several celebrations on July 4.

Celebrations are organized by Season, Title, Indian Nation or location of the event, and date of the celebration.  For a more current list go to

The dates, descriptions and information for this portion of the website contain information take from Holiday Symbols and Customs, 3rd Edition, by Sue Ellen Thompson, 2003.

The following is a partial list – stay tuned – more to come!


Hopi Powamu Festival (Hopi Bean Planting Festival) – Hopi, Observed at the end of January or beginning of February.


Eagle DanceVarious (Pueblo, Iroquois, Comanche, Iowa, Calumet), Early Spring

Flying Pole DanceTotonac (Mexico), May 21-June 24


Apache Girls’ Sunrise Ceremony -Apache (NM, AZ), July 4

Crow Fair –  Crow (Apsaalooke), (Montana), 3rd Weekend in August


Miwok Big Time (Miwok Acorn Festival) – Miwok (California), 4th Weekend in September

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